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Long long ago... before social media took off, bombarding us with the most minute details of distant acquaintances’ lives, we didn’t really know what most people’s engagement rings looked like. We may not have even known our second cousin was married until five years after the fact. Today it is hard to avoid engagement ring photos, particularly for those of us in our twenties to early thirties when many people are getting engaged. With this seemingly-constant influx of engagement ring photos, we began to realize just how similar the majority of engagement rings look - white gold, white center diamond, with maybe a smattering of accent diamonds placed nearby to distinguish it as “unique.”

In our retail store, we became aware of just how many people craved something different. It was as if an engagement ring revolution was beginning to bubble up from a sea of simple solitaires. You could almost hear the cries, “We Want Change!” emanating from those gazing down into the brightly lit jewelry cases, glittering with opal and turquoise and mother of pearl.  

We formed The Alchemy Bench in response to this yearning. We feel that standard engagement rings have ruled the scene for long enough. We want to help two people symbolize their individual love with something as unique as their love. After all, no two loves are the same, so why should all engagement rings look the same? Engagement rings aren’t some government-issued uniform that must adhere to a strict set of aesthetic guidelines; you are free to dress up your finger however you please, even if that means with a matching tattoo or no ring at all (shhh)!

Whether you are looking to surprise your love with something striking and unusual or you are browsing for yourself, we are here to help answer any questions. Send us an email anytime at or fill out our Quote Request Form if you have a specific ring in mind. The world of engagement rings is a jungle and we are happy to guide the way. Happy Gem Hunting!

-The Alchemy Bench