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Amber Gemstone Information

Amber Facts, History and Lore

Amber is not a stone, but fossilized plant resin (ie. tree sap). Ancient Greeks referred to it as “electron,” which was associated with the sun. When rubbed, Amber develops an electric charge; the word “electricity” was originated because of this fact. Amber is usually translucent and ranges from yellow to a brownish color. Plant material or insects that became trapped in the sap up to 120 million years ago may be visible within the Amber.

Many cultures have been using Amber and Amber jewelry for thousands of years. The Egyptians have been using Amber for at least 4,500 years now! Ancient Greeks even incorporated Amber into their mythology. As the story goes lightning struck and killed Phaeton, son of the Sun God, Helios. The immense grief of his sisters turned them into poplar trees, their tears becoming Amber.

Because Amber is formed from plant resins, which are a result of the plant interacting with sunlight, Amber is often associated with the sun and is said to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort when worn. The “solar energies” Amber embodies makes it a good choice for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during the short days of winter.

Being an organic material like ourselves, Amber is also associated with feelings of friendliness and familiarity. It promotes prosperity and brings forth a sense of health and well-being when worn. Though beneficial to all, it is especially amenable to those suffering from injury or illness, as it helps show the path to recovery and enhances the self-assuredness necessary to follow it. Amber also promotes longevity and is therefore good for the elderly as well.

Amber jewelry rids the wearer of negative energy, and this manifests itself physically as well. It enhances metabolism and energy, and draws out infection and contaminants from the wearer.

As the “Key to Ancient Knowledge” Amber enhances the ability for one to remember one’s lineage, as well as the knowledge and lessons learned by one’s ancestors. As such, it also helps to transform the negative family patterns that persist through generations.

Metaphysical Properties of Amber

  • Evokes feelings of warmth, familiarity, friendliness, health, & well-being
  • Good for S.A.D, elderly, & those in recovery
  • Promotes prosperity
  • Clears negative energy and repeating family patterns
  • Enhances metabolism & energy, and clears infection
  • Connects one to lessons and knowledge learned by ancestors