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Rose Gold and Its Dazzling Comeback

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Unique Rose Gold Wedding Rings | The Alchemy Bench

Rose gold is back, and we are thrilled to have it. What is this stunning metal? To understand what rose gold is, it helps to have a little background knowledge of gold in general. 

The gold used in jewelry is not pure. It contains other alloys mixed in to strengthen it. A higher percentage of gold is denoted by a higher karatage (ex. 18Kt VS 14Kt). These mysterious “other alloys” that make up your gold can influence the color of that gold. If you mix copper with the gold, it will result in… pink-hued gold! The amount of copper mixed in will determine how pink or red the gold is. There are three distinctions for this copper-gold mixture: Pink Gold, Rose Gold, and Red Gold. Pink gold is the lightest and red gold the darkest, containing the most copper.

Please keep in mind that the addition of copper does not decrease the cost of the gold. There is still the same amount of pure gold contained in white gold or yellow gold, it is only the additional alloys that are changed.

The History of Rose Gold

We will keep the history of rose gold brief. As far as we know, rose gold began with the Russians. Sometime in the 19th century, a Russian mixed copper with gold and people realized that they had created something magnificent. In fact, rose gold used to be known as “Russian Gold,” as generally only Russians were seen wearing it.

During the Victorian era, it made its way out into the world and was incorporated into the elaborate jewelry of this period. Eventually this trend faded out, came roaring back in the 1920’s, faded out in the 30’s, was revived in the 40’s during WWII, and has since laid dormant until the twenty first century. We welcome it back with open arms! This leads us to another common question…

Rose Gold Makes a Comeback

Is Rose Gold Just a Trend?

Because many don’t know the history of rose gold, it seems like a new type of metal, and it is easy to dismiss as a trend. However, when you look at the broad scale of jewelry, everything is a trend. Sometimes the trend will last a person’s entire lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a trend. If you look at timelines of jewelry styles, you can see periods of more “icy” looks – diamonds and platinum or white gold. These styles recede as the warmer looks of yellow and rose gold, along with vibrantly-hued gemstones take over the scene. Eventually those fade out again as colorless jewelry rises back up. So yes, rose gold is a trend, but so is yellow gold and white gold.

Rose Gold Style

Without having seen it, many people might be taken aback by the idea of “pink gold.” Not to worry – this is still a classy metal! Rose gold is not vibrant pink or pastel pink, or anything crazy like that. Remember, most of the material is still regular yellow gold, so it retains a gold look with just a slightly redder touch. In fact, you may have glanced at rose gold in jewelry stores and not even realized you were looking at rose gold. Even in photos of rose gold online, it can be hard to get a real sense of this metal’s beauty. If the photo is not edited correctly, or if your monitor isn’t calibrated correctly, the rose gold may look too vivid. In these cases, trust that it looks as it has when you've seen it in person.

Our Rose Gold Engagement Rings

All of our Kabana engagement rings and wedding bands are offered in 14k or 18k rose gold, whether they are displayed or not. Simply choose a style and an inlay stone you like and it can be made. We think rose gold looks its absolute best with either a green opal (which sometimes contains flecks of red) or mother of pearl (especially pink and bronze mother of pearl). Most of our rose gold wedding rings show only these stones, though any option is available.

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