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Is an Unusual Engagement Ring a Mistake?

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Is a Unique Engagement Ring a Mistake? | The Alchemy Bench

You've fallen in love with a truly unusual engagement ring, but should you go for it?

While many people love the idea of a unique or unusual engagement ring, they are hesitant to go for it, opting instead for a more traditional-looking ring. They are worried about making a grave mistake that they will someday regret. While we obviously may be biased on the matter, we hate to see a marriage starting off by settling for convention for convention’s sake. You have your whole wedding for that nonsense! In our minds, the only time a unique engagement ring is a mistake is if you don’t like it. Plain and simple. Below we will address the three most common reasons people decide not to fulfill their desire for a unique engagement ring.

What if I don’t like my engagement ring in the future?

We hate to say it, but this can happen with any ring.

Some people develop a taste for luxury as they age and wish for something a little more lavish. Others become humbler and simpler with time and wish they had something more practical and subdued. Others may see their newly engaged friends’ unique engagement rings and feel the pang of envy, growing resentful of their own. Still others get divorced and never wear their ring again.

It is impossible to predict how your values, jewelry preferences, and lifestyle may change over the years or decades. It is also impossible to predict how wedding ring styles may change, and how much you will be influenced by those new styles.

At this point in time, it is even becoming more common for women to ‘trade up’ their engagement rings for something more valuable, often at the twenty-five year anniversary or after the birth of their children. That tells us that many people’s tastes DO change over time, even with traditional rings. It also tells us that you’re not necessarily stuck, should that happen. Will that still be a common practice at your twenty-fifth anniversary? We can’t answer that. In fact, as far as we know, people may not even wear engagement rings in 2050. A lot can change.

With that in mind, we DO know that you should choose a ring you love. You don’t want to settle on the ‘safe route’ and feel that sad longing for a more unique engagement ring every time you look down, on the slim chance that you may not like it someday… because that means you don’t like it NOW. And if you don’t like it now, you probably aren’t going to “learn to love it” in the future. Think about your partner; do you want to marry them because they’re “good enough” and hoping you’ll “learn to love” them someday? Hopefully not.

Is an Unusual Engagement Ring as Mistake? | The Alchemy Bench

What will people say?

This is YOUR engagement ring, and something that symbolizes YOUR unique love. We believe there are a few things that usually don’t benefit from others’ opinions, simply because they are so subjective. They are as follows:

  • 1.The names of your children
  • 2.Your partner
  • 3.Your wedding rings

You will have plenty more choices in life where you can default to others’ opinions, but this is one where you should listen to your own desires, much like you did when you chose your partner.

With that said, we have been seeing more and more wonderfully unique engagement rings (not necessarily from our store!) and rarely hear negative comments about them. Most people love seeing something unique and different, especially after decades of seeing the same styles. (*Bonus points if you can dazzle them with a story of how sentimental the ring is or share some secret meaning behind an aspect of the ring.)

Will I be able to hand it down?

How is this even a question? Of course you will! A quality piece of jewelry is a quality piece of jewelry, no matter the style. It remains an investment if the materials used are of high value (think diamond rather than cubic zirconia). This doesn’t necessarily mean your descendants will like the style of the ring; we can’t speak to the tastes of your great grandchild, but vintage jewelry (which your ring will be at that time), is exciting regardless of the style. It may even be more exciting if there is a story behind why that ring was so special and unique to you.

You will be remembered as the free spirit who lived life how they wanted. Think about it, which photograph of your great grandmother would you find more endearing – the one of her poised politely by her front door, or one of her riding a horse with her hair blowing back? This can be applied to jewelry tastes as well.

We think a lot about unique engagement rings and people’s perceptions of them. Many people truly love traditional-looking rings, and that is perfectly fine. We aren’t trying to change their minds. What we strive to do is ensure those who want something unconventional feel free to do so. It can be intimidating to make such a big purchase when it steps outside the bounds of what is considered “normal.” Just remember - Life is short; get the ring that makes your heart sing.

Do you have an unusual engagement ring? Have you ever regretted it? Let us know in the comments!

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