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Diamond Gemstone Information

Diamond Facts, History and Lore

Birthstone: April

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Diamonds embody both strength and delicacy. With a hardness rating of 10, diamonds are the hardest substance on earth; yet they symbolize purity and beauty. Perhaps it is the fact that Diamonds are made purely of carbon, which lends to an association with purity. As all life is based on carbon, Diamonds themselves represent life and all its unique possibilities. While most associate this gem with the colorless forms, diamonds also come in a variety of other surprising colors, including yellow, blue, red, green, brown, etc.

This incredible gemstone has a long history of metaphysical uses. Kings and queens, believing that Diamonds could conjure a connection to the Divine, would often have them set into their crowns – forming a bridge between the mind and the Spirit World. It is still believed by many that placing a Diamond near the head can activate the brain’s prefrontal lobes, increasing visions and extrasensory perception. (Making Diamond earrings and necklaces an ideal choice) The connection Diamonds are said to form between one and the higher realms is beneficial in helping one transform dreams and ambitions into reality – for goals already exist in the imagination, and thus in the fabric of the universe; they just need to be manifested onto the physical planes.

Diamond jewelry has also been used to enhance pure and honorable intentions, thus increasing the integrity of the wearer. Conversely, it is said that Diamonds can help the wearer distinguish deception in another. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Diamonds engagement rings are so popular.

Metaphysical Properties of Diamonds

  • Connects mind to the Divine
  • Enhances psychic ability
  • Aids one in manifesting life goals
  • Increases honorable intentions
  • Aids realization of deception in others

While Diamond jewelry is very popular, it is not the only use of this versatile stone. In fact, very few diamonds are actually of gemstone quality. The remaining diamonds are used for industrial purposes and incorporated into tools such as grinding wheels, saw blades, drill bits, even cooking pans!

Don’t know much about diamonds and settings? Diamond quality depends on so much more than the carat weight. Did you know that a better cut diamond can make it look bigger? Do you know which metals scratch the easiest, or which look best with a “J” colored diamond? Read more about The 4 C's of Diamond Grading or contact us and we can help guide you through the diamond-selection process.