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Gaspeite Gemstone Information

Gaspeite Facts, History and Lore

Though it can also be found in parts of western Australia, Gaspeite was named for its original point of discovery – the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec, Canada. This unique stone comes in a variety of green hues, ranging from earthy muted greens interspersed with a brown matrix, to vivid spring green pigments.

Gaspeite aids one in recognizing spiritual forces within the everyday world. It enhances awareness of the world beyond what the eyes can see. The idea that even small, seemingly coincidental, occurrences are actually guiding messages from a higher force is referred to as synchronicity. Gaspeite is used by many to facilitate the frequency of these helpful signs; it helps one “see” the answers to their problems.

Those interested in the healing powers of stones suggest giving oneself Gaspeite jewelry as a gift to the inner child. Gaspeite can bring this often-neglected side to light, as well as coaxing out suppressed negative emotions and attachments.

Physically, Gaspeite is said to aid in heart and digestive health, allowing wearers to enjoy food more, while helping them stick to foods that heal and nourish the body. Many have used it to aid weight loss efforts and to support proper metabolism and blood sugar.

While it is believed useful for bodily weight, gaspeite jewelry can help hoarders by allowing one to let go of extra possessions that clutter the mind and no longer serve a purpose. This goes along with Gaspeite's ability to bring light to unhealthy attachments, as mentioned above.

Metaphysical Properties of Gaspeite

  • Helps one recognize Spiritual Forces in everyday world
  • Increases frequency and awareness of Synchronicities
  • Brings inner child out
  • Helps one bring suppressed emotions & attachments to surface
  • Enhances digestion & weight loss
  • Support for hoarders