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Jasper Gemstone Information

Jasper - Facts, History and Lore

The name Jasper means 'spotted or speckled stone' and is derived from the Old French word jaspre. Known as a favorite gem of the ancient world, its history can trace itself back in the Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Assyrian, and Greek empires. Although the name Jasper is now used to describe opaque quartz, the ancient iaspis (the Greek word for Jasper) was far more translucent; it was also in many cases distinctly green, often compared to emeralds.

What we know as Jasper today is an opaque form of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of the mineral Quartz. It is often filled with impurities and sometimes considered more of a rock than a mineral.  Often considered a brown, yellow or reddish color, it actually has the ability to be any color depending on the mineral content of the original sediments or ash. It also can be altered by the diffusion of minerals, because original materials are often fractured or distorted into a myriad of patterns, which then can be filled later with other colorful minerals. In time, this weathering will create incredible colors in superficial rings upon the stone.

Due to this, classifying and naming jasper is a challenge. Some names are given due to well-defined materials that are found in specific geographic locations, such as mountains and rivers (Ocean or Rainforest Jasper); some names are fanciful (like Forest Fire or Rainbow Jasper) whereas other names are descriptive of the stone itself (Autumn, Porcelain or Dalmatian Jasper). All of these are still considered jasper, and most shades still hold the mythical qualities of jasper, though some different forms have different variations of those qualities.

Jasper is called The Nurturing Stone; it is the metaphysical stone of gentleness, comfort and relaxation. Its energy properties include prosperity, protection and courage and it has been used to bring beauty into life and specific situations; particularly assisting one with harnessing their inner and outer beauty to reach its fullest potential. It has also been used as a peace-making stone in endings, whether the ending is a relationship, situations or a life, Jasper helps one feel peace about the ending and prepare to start over. In some Native American cultures, jasper was used in rain-making, which was meant for washing away the past to clear the way for something new.

Metaphysical Properties of Different Types of Jasper

·Red Jasper helps to nullify emotional, mental and physical pain, especially menstrual pain.

·Black Jasper protects and brings good luck.

·Cobra Jasper creates mental clarity and brings peace to emotional people.

·Brecciated Jasper provides wholeness, happiness, a positive outlook and relieves stress.

·Dalmation Jasper brings awareness to the illusory story of our lives, to see both sides of it and make better choices.

·Exotica Jasper cleanses and realigns all aspects of your being.

·Fancy Jasper is nurturing, comforting and brings peace to your situations

·Kambaba Jasper soothes and enhances the body's energy.

·Leopard Skin Jasper speaks through the power of Totem animals, encouraging us to work together for the greater good and success of all.

·Mookite / Mookaite Jasper is for self-esteem, dreams, meditation, fear, depression, communication, balance, protection, and openness. It also assists in calming oneself and in working with children.

·Ocean Jasper steadies your emotions and allows us to feel safe through seasons of change, providing us with patience.

·Picture Jasper creates harmony, enhances vision and appreciation and gives us connection to the bigger picture.

·Poppy Jasper reorganizes our scattered energies through cleansing.

·Rainforest Jasper / Rain Forest Jasper/ Rhyolite provides energy, strength, awareness and resolution

·Lizard Stone Jasper / Lizard Skin Jasper supports us during times of great change.