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Kabana Jewelry FAQ's

~ Sizing ~

Q. What are the standard women's and men's ring sizes available? 
Women's ring sizes: 5 - 9
Men's ring sizes: 9-13

Q. Are there additional charges for rings made outside of the standard range (above)?
A. There is a slight extra charge if a ring has to be made outside of the normal size range.

Q. Can a ring be sized up and/or down once ordered? 
A. A Kabana inlay ring can generally only be sized up or down one full size, though it depends on the ring. Inlay is difficult to resize and we STRONGLY recommend getting the ring re-sized through Kabana over any other jeweler, partially because failing to do so will void Kabana's lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If you need a larger or smaller ring and it can't be resized, Kabana will recreate the ring in the correct size, though the cost will depend on the current retail value of that item. You can contact us if you would like a quote on what the current price would be on an item you would like made in your size. 

~ Gemstones ~

Q. Are there differences in price between the inlay stones which Kabana offers? 
A. Other than the Australian Opal and Gold Quartz, which are higher in price, there is not a large difference in price between the various inlay stones.
Be sure to see our Kabana Customization Guide for more comprehensive gemstone info!

Q. Will Kabana set a customer's diamond into one of their settings? 
A. While we cannot accept a customer's own diamond into our custody, for liability purposes, we can sell just the setting. The customer will need to provide specific diamond measurements so the ring setting can be made accordingly. We strongly urge the customer to ensure the jeweler who they will have set the diamond is knowledgable about working with inlay, as any work that is done on the engagement rings voids Kabana's lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Please contact us if you would like more details about purchasing a setting. 

Q. For diamonds which are not individually graded (Engagement Rings), are they within any particular quality range? 
A. The minimum quality of the diamonds Kabana uses are G/H in color and SI1 in clarity - though they may be higher in either of those departments. All of the diamonds we use are fully-faceted, not diamond chips. Please note that Kabana does offer lower valued diamonds for those who request them for engagement rings. This can help fit a ring into someone's budget.

Q. What faceted gemstones are available?
A. Kabana sometimes offers Amethyst, Peridot, Pink Sapphire, and Tanzanite, but this depends on availability. You may certainly request a certain stone and we will ask if they can obtain it, but we cannot guarantee it. Please see our Kabana Customization Guide for more gemstone info.

Q. Are colored diamonds available? 
A. Not at this time.

Q. Can alternative gemstones be used instead of diamonds?
A. Yes, depending on the type of gemstone, and if the size and shape of the alternative gems match the size and shape called for in the design of the jewelry.

Q. Can you change a round-cut diamond to a princess-cut diamond in each of the settings?
A. Only in certain styles. Please ask us about the style you are interested in.

Q. Are there styles that can accommodate very large diamonds (2+ carats), and can you order those through Kabana? 
A. Yes!

~ Customization ~

Q. Can any style be made with any combination of inlay - with different alternating stones, if desired?
A. Yes, Kabana can customize the inlay of your Kabana jewelry to your desired stone (out of the stones they have available. They do not always have every stone readily available).

Q. How many designs has Kabana copyrighted since its creation?
A. There are over 10,000 copyrighted designs!

Q. Can I submit a custom design?
A. This depends on the type of design. It is best if the base of the design incorporates the mold of an available ring. There is a designer fee for creating a new design that Kabana does not currently offer.

Q. I want to see a piece of your Kabana jewelry in a different metal and/or with a different inlay. What can I do?
A. Email us ( the item number of the Kabana jewelry piece(s) you are looking at and we will create a mockup for you! You can even email us a Kabana image even if you didn't find it on our website. The only caveat is that the piece must still be an active style - but we will check that for you.

Please keep in mind that computer monitors display colors differently, and that all stones vary in hue and pattern. While we will try to get you precisely what you are looking for, we cannot guarantee that the item you receive will match our mockup Exactly (Exact hue and pattern). Also, it takes time to create these mockups, so please be specific when requesting one - Don't send us one item and ask to see it in every stone/metal combination possible, or ask to see mockups of 10 different items unless you are serious about purchasing some of them. We thank you in advance!

~ Care ~

Q. Does Kabana jewelry require any special care?
A. YES! While all jewelry should be treated with care, inlay jewelry especially so. These gemstones are cut to fit into a precise mold and then adhered to the metal. This adhesive can wear out should you frequently get it wet or expose it to chemicals, such as soaps, detergents, lotions, and chlorine. Please simply remove your jewelry while showering, swimming, or washing your hands. You should also refrain from wearing your inlay jewelry while doing manual labor, as a strong blow could damage your inlay stones. Natural turquoise will darken in color if frequently exposed to oils and chemicals. Opal needs special care as well to keep it looking brilliant. Please do not let it dry out by using jewelry cleaning solutions on it and do not store it in a dry location, such as a safe, unless you keep a small bowl of water in the safe with it. Do not put inlay jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. While all of this advice may seem daunting to some, it is simply a matter of getting used to proper jewelry care techniques. After you get used to it - it becomes second nature!
To read more, please see our jewelry care page.

~ Policies ~

Q. How long does it take to create a custom order? 
A. It normally takes 4-6 weeks for the jewelry to be made, shipped to us, and sent out. For international orders, it generally takes 6-8 weeks. For an extra fee, a rush may be put on the order.

Q. What is Kabana's warranty on their jewelry?
A. Kabana warranties their products against manufacturer defects for LIFE. If a piece is damaged due to customer negligence, there will be a charge for the repair. It is at the sole discretion of Kabana to decide whether the jewelry has been damaged as a result of craftsmanship error (versus abuse or normal wear and tear). It is recommended that prongs be checked every six months or so to make sure they are not wearing thin. If anyone other than Kabana sizes a ring or does any other alterations to any piece, the warranty is automatically voided.