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Larimar Gemstone Information

Larimar Facts, History and Lore

In the 1970’s a Spanish trader fatefully stumbled upon an unknown stone on the beach. He named this stone Larimar – a combination of his daughter’s name (Larissa), and the Spanish word for sea (Mar). Found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is an intriguing stone to say the least. Forged within the infernal temperatures of volcanic lava cavities, it emerges a beautiful coalescence of swirling blue and white patterns, mimicking the serene waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Larimar is known as the “Goddess Stone” and connects the wearer to Goddess Energies and the Divine Feminine within. It allows both men and women to discover their ying energies – those introspective, vivacious, intuitive and creative aspects of the self, which we all embody to some extent. By using Larimar to call forth the goddess within, one can potentially discover their highest purpose in life and take action to manifest it into reality.

Larimar jewelry also allows the wearer to more clearly visualize those bonds to others or to principles which do not support their life’s true path, and subsequently gives them the confidence to overcome them. This gorgeous stone allows the wearer the capacity to love and nurture themselves so that they will, in turn, be able to bestow those qualities on others. This makes Larimar a great choice for healers and caretakers.

Larimar is also known for its relaxation properties. Wearing Larimar jewelry evokes feelings of calm acceptance for that which cannot be changed, and an overall feeling of well-being – much like one would feel whilst floating amidst the warm waters of the Caribbean. This capability makes Larimar ideal for those who are constantly resentful and complaining about life. It breaks down the walls that encumber the heart, allowing negative energies to wash away. This cooling energy works to diffuse destructive fears, hot tempers and excess passions.

Similarly, partly because of its association with the female spirit, Larimar is thought to cool hot flashes, both in frequency and intensity. Its relaxation characteristics also make it an excellent choice for mothers during and after pregnancy, as it is said to help with post-partum depression and stress. Larimar’s proposed ability to calm symptoms of heat and stress make it an ideal aid for inflammation, infection, fever, and skin disorders such as hives, rashes, eczema, and psoriasis.

Larimar enhances the clarity and sincerity of communication, allowing the speaker to speak from the heart. In fact, singers have been known to use Larimar as a talisman to both preserve and accentuate their voices.

With only one known location on earth, Larimar is a limited-supply stone, making it all the more appealing for those who seek unique stones and jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties of Larimar

  • “Goddess Stone” allows connection to the Divine Feminine within
  • Evokes strong feelings of Serenity and Relaxation – acceptance of what is
  • Cooling Energy is good for hot tempers, excessive fears, and extravagant passions
  • Beneficial for pregnant and new mothers
  • Calms hot flashes, fevers, inflammation, infection, & skin disorders
  • Enhances communication – protects singers’ voices