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Malachite Gemstone Information

Malachite Facts, History and Lore

Malachite is generally a beautiful deep green color and characterized by a swirly banded pattern. By 3000 BC Egyptians were well aware of its existence. It became exceedingly popular with Ancient Greeks and Romans, who would create Malachite jewelry or even crush it up to use as eye shadow. In the Middle Ages, people believed Malachite could protect against both stomach ailments and the Evil Eye. Russian Czars often took advantage of its abundance in the Urals to adorn their castles with Malachite ornamentation and paneling.

If you wish to protect yourself from negative energies, Malachite is one of the best stones you can wear. Malachite forms a protective energetic boundary around the wearer, impenetrable to undesirable energies. It also activates the wearer’s ability to sense danger, while at the same time keeping them from being noticed by those who may cause harm. Yet another protective function of Malachite is its tendency to increase certain “coincidences,” or synchronicities, which act to keep the wearer safe.

Malachite enhances willpower and integrity by instilling a strong sense of confidence and self responsibility. It allows one to see his or her inherent importance as a co-creator of the world and encourages one to transform their dreams into reality. Malachite is excellent for those who simply wait for life’s circumstances to change, rather than taking actions to change those circumstances themselves. Malachite can help creative individuals harness their energy so that they can begin to take action and turn their ideas into reality.

Malachite is believed to have numerous physical benefits in addition to the stomach and digestion qualities mentioned earlier. Just as Malachite is thought to draw negative energies from one’s auric field, it is believed to draw toxins from the body, making it an excellent aid for fasting and cleansing rituals. It is said to help those recovering from illness and surgery by restoring strength, supporting tissue regeneration, and promoting the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Malachite is also used by some to reduce inflammation. As a consequence, those suffering from arthritis may find Malachite beneficial.

Metaphysical Properties of Malachite

  • Powerful Protection against Negative Energies, People, and Events
  • Enhanced Willpower and Integrity
  • Strengthens ability to take action in the world and to bring dreams & ideas to fruition
  • Aids in digestion, detoxification, and helps restore red blood cells, strength, and tissues
  • Reduces Inflamation, including that associated with arthritis