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Radiance Ring Tier Guide

radiance-alternative-engagement-rings-purple-turq.jpgOne of our most popular engagement ring styles is the Radiance ring. While this is a truly unique engagement ring, it maintains a traditional bridal feel by featuring a single diamond front and center. Many of our customers know they want this particular ring, but are confused by the different "tiers" offered. We've written this guide to help explain what it all means.

Each tier can only fit a certain size-range of diamonds before one must switch up to a higher tiered setting. For example, you wouldn't be able to get a 1 carat diamond on a Tier 2 setting, because the prongs aren't designed to fit that size of diamond. Below is a graphic to help you visualize this.


In some cases, we can make exceptions to this rule. If you are adamant about getting a specific setting with a diamond outside of that setting's acceptable size-range, then be sure to contact us to see if it is feasible. We strive to create the perfect ring for each of our customers when possible.

While it is not currently shown on our site, Tier 1 is also available. This fits a 0.25-0.29 carat diamond. The price of this ring is generally the same as the Tier 2 setting plus diamond, so we do not display it. If you specifically want a thin band or a ring for this size diamond, please let us know.