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Sugilite Gemstone Information

Sugilite Facts, History and Lore

In 1944, the Japanese geologist Kenichi Sugi discovered the beautiful purple stone that was subsequently named Sugilite. This “stone of dreams” ranges from a pale lilac color to a deep purple and is mostly found in South Africa.

Sugilite is oftentimes referred to as the "Stone of Dreams" because of its supposed ability to enhance dreams. It is beneficial to wear Sugilite jewelry while meditating or sleeping, as it enhances the images that bubble up into one’s mind. These images are thought to be riddled with symbolism and meaning, allowing one to decipher his or her mind’s inner workings with more ease. Sugilite also helps one to remember dreams; dispel nightmares, insomnia and other sleep disturbances; and facilitate lucid dreams, in which the dreamer realizes he or she is dreaming and is able to act accordingly.

Sugilite is not only beneficial as a night dream-aid; it fosters the realization of one’s own life dreams, which may have been forgotten or dismissed along the way. Sugilite removes the hopelessness that deters individuals from following what they know to be the correct path in life; it inspires the wearer to discover their own passions and goals, and gives them the optimism to move towards them.

Wearing Sugilite can also activate a cleansing process, clearing the wearer’s auric field of negative energies. It forms a sort of “light shield” around the wearer, protecting them from others’ negativities as well. Sugilite is beneficial for “gentle souls” who tend to absorb the energies of the people who surround them - both the good and the bad.

Metaphysical Properties of Sugilite

  • “Stone of Dreams” – Enhances symbolism in dreams and meditations
  • Helps dispel nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep disorders
  • Aids in realization of one’s own life goals and dreams
  • Bolsters optimism to chase dreams, while lessening feelings of hopelessness
  • Cleanse negative energy from wearer’s auric field
  • Good for those who absorb negative energies from their environment